“If a man were actually to walk round and round the body, he would repeatedly stand on his own antipodes and call the same point on it’s surface ‘above’ and ‘below’. For the whole being spherical as we said just now there is no sense in speaking of one region as above, another below.” Plato, Timaeus 360BC

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Perceiving the Antipodes Terra Australis Chronicles

In this episode we will be exploring the concept of a southern land as believed by ancient philosophers from BC to early AD. Written article and references can be found at https://terraaustralischronicles.com/2021/11/07/perceiving-the-antipodes/
  1. Perceiving the Antipodes
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  • Perceiving the Antipodes
    “Those who inhabit the earth are not only divided, so that nothing can pass between them from one group to another, but some stand obliquely, some transversely, and some even directly opposite to you’ from these you can certainly expect no glory.” You may have already heard of terms such as Terra Australis Incognita, Terra … Continue reading “Perceiving the Antipodes”

Terra Australis Chronicles is recorded on Australian Aboriginal land and acknowledges the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we work and live. Giving respect to their Elders past present and future